Never The Same is a national youth ministry founded in 2009 by Jeff Eckart. It is a non-denominational organization based in Grand Rapids, MI and is impacting tens of thousands of students across the United States. 

  • NTS Camps is one of the fastest growing camp ministries in the U.S. with locations across America.

  • Claim Your Campus is using technology to unite students to pray on school campuses in over 1,500 schools in 42 states.

  • Soul Exercises is a paradigm-shifting resource that is transforming the way students are engaging Scripture.

  • The Thought Factory podcast has a listenership audience of over 300,000, helping adults understand student culture directly from students themselves.

  • The Grand Rapids Mud Run is the second largest race in West Michigan and was the first adventure race of its kind to start in the Midwest.

  • Never The Same is a non-profit organization that is 90% self-funded.

Never The Same began humbly at the start of the "Great Recession" with Jeff Eckart as the sole staff member, along with a homemade desk, a gifted laptop, and a borrowed office. Jeff’s previous entrepreneurial endeavors of NTS Camp (which Jeff founded in 2000) and Claim Your Campus (which he founded in 2003) were brought together under the umbrella of the organization and it quickly began to grow. Creative efforts like the Grand Rapids Mud Run (founded in 2010) and Soul Exercises helped Never The Same to expand its influence across the nation as it became nonprofit organization that is 90% self-funded. With a growing staff and influence, Never The Same focuses on cultivating students' lives through biblical discipleship and spiritual disciplines using theology, community, and technology.

Never The Same


New generations transformed in Christ for further the Kingdom of God


Cultivating the lives of students through biblical discipleship and spiritual disciplines using theology, community and technology