Anne Graham Lotz

“Jeff Eckart’s vision to claim campuses for Christ through prayer—and through them the nation— is inspired! He has my prayers…and my applause! ”

-Founder, AnGeL Ministries

President Wright 2013.jpg

Dr. David Wright

“It has been a pleasure to watch Jeff Eckart’s ministry career unfold over the years. His impact on the spread of dedicated, powerful prayer through the lives of students is all but unparalleled. He has proven to be both a powerful communicator and a skilled organizational leader. Best of all, his warm-hearted, high-integrity life of personal faith in Christ is contagious.”

-President, Indiana Wesleyan University


Phil Joel

“Jeff’s ability to lead an amazing ministry team is fueled by an infectious passion to reach this next generation for Christ. He understands the challenges they face on a daily basis and has a God given ability to speak to the heart of the issues that brings clarity and hope. His approach to youth ministry is both relevant and non compromising and I’m proud to consider him a comrade and a friend.”

-Newsboys, recording artist


Steve Carter

“Jeff is one of the most kingdom minded people I know. You leave his presence and you find yourself wanting his prayer life. The guy is filled with prophetic wonder, believing the best in people, and will do whatever it takes to turn a prompting from God into a reality. Then put a bible and mic in his hand and it’s absolute gold! Jeff is someone I deeply respect, trust and love to learn from.”

-Author, This Invitational Life


Dr. Wayne Schmidt

“Jeff is a man after God’s own heart whose authentic leadership inspires others to fully follow God. As a communicator, he both stretches and encourages listeners to live for what matters and lasts.”

-General Superintendant, The Wesleyan Church


Bob Hendriksen

“Jeff is among the most visionary people I know. He’s able to clarify and articulate a clear, Christ-centered direction, working to solve real problems. And he’s able to mobilize efforts to make that vision become reality. It’s quite remarkable really....to see what he’s done over the years: with high school ministry, then with NTS and CYC and now future, bigger challenges.”

-Bob Hendriksen, Steelcase, Inc.